unique, creative, classy baths

Founded in 2006, Aqualem Obtains the in-depth product knowledge and trend in this industry,

this enables us to provide the suitable designs to the market.

Our long-lasting pursuit of designing and craftsmanship keeps our products classical and timeless.

Why Aqualem

In house design and manufacturing

- In-house designs with cutting edge manufacturing technology

- Aqualem owns the designs&models.

- Built with finest components, cartridge: Flush / Vernet / Kerox /Sedal.

- Premium quality and various finishes option.

Territories protection

- You will be authorized as the only one dealer in this territory when you are selling Aqualem’s items (even those not in Aqualem’s brand)

Business support

- Inventory advantage, Aqualem will help you to maximize the shared components used to minimize your inventory level.

- Flexible finishes option, we have variety of color finishes for your choices.

- Order with Aqualem universal rough valve program to minimize your lead time,develop your ready to ship program to achieve bigger market share.

- Technical & marketing support center for quick response.

- We own the designs / 3D model of all Aqualem items, can be provided to rend the images for your own marketing promotion and branding.

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